Marlenka Honey Cake Cocoa 100g 말렌카 허니 코코아 케이크

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Marlenka Honey Cake Cocoa 100g 말렌카 허니 코코아 케이크

Marlenka Honey Cake Cocoa 100g 말렌카 허니 코코아 케이크

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Marlenka Honey Cake Cocoa 100g 말렌카 허니 코코아 케이크

MARLENKA HONEY COCOA CAKE is a traditional honey cake with cocoa, made according to an old Armenian family recipe. The secret manufacturing procedure enable us to combine the honey and milk mixture to create this multi-layered honey delicacy.

A secret family procedure is used to make the milk and cocoa cream mixture that holds the layers of cake together. its unique taste and attributes it has quickly become a favorite delicacy in many European countries. Enjoy this delicious cake with a cup of tea, coffee or chai latte. All MARLENKA products are packed under modified atmosphere for freshness and best if consumed within 3 months of purchase. Refrigeration will prolong shelf life without changing the quality or taste. To achieve guaranteed storage period please keep MARLENKA products in given temperature range.

Unique, rich taste and texture
100% Natural Product
Contains NO Preservatives, Artificial or GM ingredients, NO Alcohol or Animal Fat
Extremely long Shelf Life 90 days at room temperature from 2 to 24°C
Portioning guide: 8 - 16 portions per cake

Shelf-life of MARLENKA Honey Cake • 90 days - at a temperature from 46 to 72°F (8 to 22°C) • 6 months - when stored at a temperature not exceeding 46°F (8°C) • 12 months - when frozen at 5°F (-15°C) The shelf-life of the MARLENKA honey cake is proved by attestations of an accredited laboratory.

honey (3.9%), condensed milk with cocoa, wheat flour, glucose syrup, walnuts (1,3%), baking soda.

While tasting these delicious cakes, made with 100% natural ingredients, at room temperature, you may want to try a slice or two, heated in micro-oven for approx. 6-8 seconds. This accentuates the warm and aromatic flavor of honey, which is harvested locally from the Bees in Beskydy Mountains, Czech Republic.


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