Imported Korean Mask Disinfectant Storage Case

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Imported Korean Mask Disinfectant Storage Case

Imported Korean Mask Disinfectant Storage Case

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Extend the usage of your disposable surgical mask during this COVID-19 period by using our mask disinfectant storage case imported from Korea! With an anti-bacterial and germ eliminating desiccant pouch, store your mask in the case in your bag and it let our mask refresh case deodorise, dehumidify and disinfect your mask right away! 

How to use
1.Fold a new mask or used mask into the mask storage case.
2.Do not remove the orange-colored moisture-absorbent deodorant inside the case.
3.Reheat and reuse the moisture-absorbent deodorant when its color turns from orange to dark green

How to reuse
 When reheat in the microwave, take and reheat the moisture-absorbent deodorant alone.
 It is more effective to have it stand against a microwave-safe cup or bowl to dry.
 Reheat 1-3 times for about 30 seconds with a short break in between.
 (Risk of burning or damage if you heat it for too long time without a break.)
 Put the deodorant back in the case after it gets dry and cool.
 Replace with a new one if the deodorizing effect decrease.
 It is time to replace the mask with a new one when it feels uncomfortable even after storing in the case.


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