Dak Hanmary (Korean Whole Chicken Stew) 2.5kg (3-4 Pax)

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[HEAT & SERVE] Dak Hanmary (Korean Whole Chicken Stew) 2.5kg

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Traditional Whole Chicken Soup 2.4KG Dak Hanmari Korean Food (Good for 3-4 Pax)

Dak Hanmari is a famous Korean chicken stew found in many Chicken speciality restaurants in Korea.
It’s one whole chicken that is slowly cooked to render a deep-tasting chicken broth. A handful of potato and rice cakes can be added on your own if you choose to. It is commonly and best served with a flavourful soy dipping sauce topped off with garlic, chilli pepper and thinly sliced cabbage. The stew is normally served to your table like a hot-pot – blowing savoury steam into your face. After you’re done munching on all the chicken pieces, you can boil the leftover broth to cook some Noodles. In Korea, it’s always served like a set menu made with one whole chicken! All our cooked food products just require heating over a pot to serve!
All of Hanguk Kitchen's cooked food contains NO preservatives and consist of only natural ingredients.
It can be kept in your freezer for around 2 months upon delivery! 
Please note that this is not the same as Ginseng Chicken Soup (Samgyetang) which comes with glutinous rice and a stronger ginseng flavour.

Shelf Life:
3months from manufacturing.

Item comes with frozen, please kept in the freezer.


1. Put the whole pack in boiled water (15-20mins)
2. Unpack and pour in a pot.
3. Add any vegetables
4. Boil and make sure vegetables are cooked.

Whole chicken, ginseng, ginseng chicken broth, red dates, salt, perilla seed powder, herbs

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