Dadam Budae Jjigae Sauce (Army Stew) 140g

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Dadam Budae Jjigae Sauce (Army Stew) 140g

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It is a budae jjigae sauce with plenty of seasonings such as red pepper paste, red pepper powder, kelp, anchovy, onion, and garlic. Anyone with this sauce can easily make a delicious stew. All you have to do is boil it with water and your favorite ingredients, such as ramen noodles, ham, sausage, mushrooms, tofu, dumplings, green onions, kimchi or stir-fried kimchi, rice cake, onions, and cheese.

Raw materials: purified water, kelp extract, salt, mixed rice, powder, red pepper powder, whey powder, minced onion, ground garlic, soy sauce, stir-fried red pepper sauce, refined beef, red pepper powder, red pepper mix, alcohol, white sugar, refined salt, chopped Ginger, vegetable base powder, bill extract, katsuobushi extract, cheonyang pepper extract, flavor enhancer, black pepper powder, cheese powder.


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