3 Min Convenient Korean Spicy Sauce with Octopus Sauce for Rice 150g (For 1 Pax) Ottogi

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3 Min Convenient Korean Spicy Sauce with Octopus Sauce for Rice 150g

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Fresh octopus is a product that allows you to easily and conveniently enjoy the spicy taste of octopus bowls by adding plenty of vegetables such as onions, carrots, cabbage, and green onions. Just pour the sauce over the rice and heat it in the microwave or cook it lightly in boiling water to complete a meal.

*Ingredients name and content
Purified water, octopus 27% (Vietnam), onion (Chinese), cabbage (domestic), green onion, canola oil, garlic, mixed preparations (modified starch, white sugar, dextrin), red pepper powder, white sugar, red pepper paste (wheat ), red pepper, refined salt, Ottogi tuna soy sauce powder, seafood flavor base (shrimp, milk), vegetable degradation protein, amino base, ginger, soybean fermentation flavoring (soybean), pepper powder, flavor enhancer, paprika extract pigment (natural color) )

*Nutrition ingredients
1 bag per serving (150g), per serving
calories 115kcal, carbohydrates 13g (4%), sugars 5g, protein 7g (13%), fat 3.7g (7%), saturated fat 0.6g (4%), Trans fat 0g, Cholesterol 60mg (20%), Sodium 780mg (39%) *Nutrient reference value: Values ​​in parentheses are ratios of daily nutrient reference values.

Heat the bag with the curry dish in a water bath for about 3 minutes. Or heat the bag for 2 minutes in the microwave (700Watt). Then pour the content over the rice.


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