• H Group Holdings Pte Ltd was incorporated by Mr Haden Hee in December 2013, under which Kimchi Korean Restaurant was launched.
  • Mr Hee subsequently incorporated Guksu Pte Ltd, Hanguk Kitchen Pte Ltd and Hansul Pte Ltd in 2014, 2015, and 2016 respectively.
  • All 4 companies are herewith referred to as The Group.
  • The detailed Group structure is illustrated in the Group Hierarchy Chart (attached).


Founder and CEO, Mr Haden Hee

Mr Hee is responsible for setting the vision and strategic direction for The Group. Since its inception, Mr Hee has spearheaded The Group's expansion. Under his leadership, The Group has seen its Total Annual Revenue grow from S$1.86m in 2014 to S$5.49m in 2016 to S$8.62m in 2017.

He has demonstrated leadership skills with zero turnover among the top management team to date. He is also key in securing partnerships for The Group, such as collaborations with prestigious culinary and hospitality schools in Korea to supply their graduates to The Group.

His business acumen that Singapore lacks a one-stop Korean cooked food supplier was proven correct when Hanguk Kitchen secured accounts with most of the major Korean chain restaurants in Singapore within its first year of operation.

Based on the successful track record, Mr Hee has mapped out a roadmap that will see The Group poised for Catalist IPO Market in 2020.

In 2015, Mr Hee was conferred the ‘Spirit of Enterprise’ by Minister of State Lee Yi Shyan. His contribution to the country extends to the world of sports as well: winning the Bronze medal at both the 20th and 21st S.E.A. Games in Badminton.

General Manager, Mr Park Junho

Mr Park joined The Group from its inception in December 2013. Drawing experiences from his years as a Quality and Standards Trainer at The Ritz Carlton Millennia (Singapore) and The Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay (California), Mr Park crafted the SOPs for The Group and establishes their compliance to all regulatory requirements.

As General Manager, Mr Park is responsible for planning, training, and implementing policy changes and operational updates. He also ensures both new and existing products meet the brand standards and consistency. Ultimately, he is the key person to respond and resolve customers' feedback, and ensure a positive view of the brand.

Reporting directly under him are Managers for the 3 restaurants (Kimchi, Guksu, and Hansul), the Logistics Manager of Hanguk Kitchen, the Warehouse Supervisor, as well as all front-facing staff of The Group.

Mr Park cultivated a high-energy, fun-loving working environment where the team takes pride in a culture of hospitality and customer satisfaction.

Executive Chef, Mr Minchul Choi

Mr Choi also joined The Group from its inception in December 2013. In fact, Mr Choi along with Founder & CEO Mr Haden Hee conceptualised The Group's brand and themes for the respective restaurants. It stands to reason that Mr Choi designed all the kitchens under The Group to fit their respective serving functions.

Mr Choi's responsibilities include creating and updating the Group's menus and recipes; and training the 32-strong kitchen and service teams to reproduce the dishes in highest quality and hygiene standards. It was his streamlining of food production and preparation that led to cost and labour reduction.

Prior to joining The Group, Mr Choi was a distinguished chef at numerous 5-Star Hotels, including 3 Ritz Carlton Hotels (Singapore, Seoul, and Naples, Florida), and The Marina Bay Sands (Singapore). His dishes have consistently garnered rave reviews from food critics and connoisseurs alike.

Through Mr Choi's reputation, The Group earned the prestigious honour of curating and supplying to The Marina Bay Sands the Korean section of their menus in both room dining and casino paiza.

Sales Director, Ms Samantha Chew

Ms Chew was recruited to join The Group as its Sales Director in April 2016, and was a vital member in the founding of Hanguk Kitchen. Ms Chew is in charge of establishing and executing sales objectives, as well as implementing The Group's marketing, advertising, and publicity strategies.

Ms Chew is also responsible for analyzing market trends, economic indicators, and competitors' approach, which in turn informs The Group to establish and adjust selling prices. She determines the annual unit and gross-profit plans, projects the expected sales volume and profit for existing and new products, and monitors the supply and demand chains.

Under Ms Chew's stewardship, Hanguk Kitchen's clientele increased from 40 in December 2016 to 100 in December 2017. Within the first month of 2018 alone, she has signed another 6 new clients. Correspondingly, there has been incredible revenue growth as well.

Currently, The Group's Finance, Administrative, Sales & Marketing departments report under her.

Prior to joining The Group, Ms Chew already has an illustrious career including stints at Amici Events & Catering as their General Manager, The Millenia Properties as their VP of Facilities Planning and the VP of Retail, The Straits Trading Company as their VP of Sales & Marketing, and NUS Business School as their Head of APEC MBA Programme.